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Quickly and safely blasts moisture out of every nook and cranny leaving water with no place to hide! Completely safe for all paint and chrome finishes.

Metro has spent over 70 years perfecting the range of Air Force Blaster Motorcycle Dryers so you can have more time riding and less time drying!

Airforce Blaster Blaster Dryer
The top choice for the everyday user.
SideKickSidekick Dryer
The travellers favourite. Fits in your saddle bag!
Master BlasterMaster Blaster Dryer
Perfect for valets and multi-vehicle.
Bike dryer AccessoriesAccessories
Range of accessories for Blaster Bike Dryers.
Master BlasterPimp Stixxx
Easily cleans hard to reach places.
Car DryersBosh Cleaner
Auto-moto cleaner with attitude!
Car Dryers Car Dryers

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Testimonials and Reviews
Willie M.

I've been using one of these for a few years now, one of the best pieces of non-riding kit I've ever bought. Takes all the hard work out of drying, does it in a fraction of the time hand drying takes...

Tim Nadin

Just to let you know, the 'Blaster' arrived safely yesterday.

The packaging was excellent and the dryer is perfect. In fact, when I switched it on, I nearly blew myself across the room.


MCN Review

The handheld super-blower actually does blast away every bead of water from your bike.

It dealt with my wet Moster 1100 Evo very quickly indeed. This gets you polishing stage of a thorough bike...